Setting up a large-scale cannabis operations site is a complex process, but we aim to make it as streamlined for you as possible by providing a dedicated project manager, construction manager, and site superintendent to oversee your CEAF project. Through this approach, we stay focused on project schedule, quality, budgeting and compliance, while keeping open lines of communication with you during each phase of the project.   

Planning & Design

Your dedicated CEAF team will work as closely with or as independently from your business as you desire, based on your specific goals, while designing your next-generation cannabis facility. We pride ourselves on industry-leading facility design and draw from extensive experience/lessons-learned to ensure your facility is laid out in the most efficient and productive manner possible. 

Project Management

CEAF's team serves as your project manager. Through a competitive bid process and our extensive network of specialty contractors and equipment suppliers, we will build a custom team of Cannabis specialists needed for your construction project. As your facility expert, CEAF provides the necessary project management, onsite supervision and quality control to deliver a high-yield, cost-effective cannabis facility for your specific needs.    


For the operator that already has a project team compiled and/or prearranged construction services, the CEAF team can serve in an advisory position for your cannabis facility project. By lending our collective knowledge and decades of experience in the legal cannabis industry to your design team, project managers, equipment procuring and install staff, and management team, we can ensure that your project is executed successfully taking into consideration all of the challenges and nuances unique to the cannabis industry. 

Equipment Fulfillment

A world-class cannabis facility is essentially useless when the equipment that fills it is the wrong fit for your operations. CEAF has developed a global network of the premier equipment manufacturers serving the cannabis industry from Amsterdam to Colorado. We will take the difficulty of identifying, ordering, shipping, and site delivery off your plate for good.


Our team of installation experts have the experience and know how to handle the complexity of the installation phase of your project.